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June 27, 2011 5 comments

Today I looked at a few church’s websites. For some reason they all had a mission page, and a beliefs page. The number 1 on the list of the mission for one church was to create a tradition of preaching from skilled men from the pulpit. Beliefs consist of theological ideas about the trinity, and women’s role in church and things of that nature. All of these were well justified by scripture, so it had to be correct and true, right? This is bothering me. Why is the top of a list for a church’s mission to have a tradition of preaching? Shouldn’t it be more like loving the brokenhearted? Or healing the spiritually sick? Another objective on their mission was to provide pastoral care to all members. Why not pastoral care to all people? Who decides the belief of each individual of a church? I mean, do all of the members really believe that? And, even if they do, is it really important? Who cares if you think baptism is essential for salvation (especially when it is quickly said that you must do it, even though you don’t have to in order to be saved). It’s a theological battle. I believe you should love people. No where did it say how fathers need to treat their children in order to be a Christian. Isn’t that more important than your personal view on the trinity? I believe fathers should love their children like Christ, and husbands should love the wives like Christ. And the same from wives to their husbands. I believe a church should exist to serve everyone they come in contact with regardless of denomination, beliefs, or conversion potential. Just throwing that out there. Can we get some good and holy worship, please?

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