What I believe

I believe that I don’t know very much. I will search and fight for truth, but what I believe to be truth will probably be shown to me at some point that it is not quite perfect. I’m hoping my ideas change and develop to some level of truth that can impress someone, and perhaps bring them to fulfillment and enlightenment in Christ.

1) God exists.
2) Truth is real and obtainable.
3) Love is real and obtainable.

1) Love is the most important thing. First for God, then for people. These two really come in a package deal, and it’s a process, sometimes a long one, to get them right. Once you do, it’s a battle to continue doing it. But it’s what God wanted in the old Testament, and what Jesus brought with him in the New. It’s all you need.
2) You have to be able to accept being wrong. Of course everyone thinks they are right, and that’s okay, but you need to able to admit flaws if they are logically shown to you. This doesn’t mean when your ideas are challenged you hastily side with an opposing viewpoint. But a time comes when evidence and philosophies build up and there is little ground left to stand on your present ideas. You have to be okay with moving to dry land rather than drown in illogic.
3) Christians do not do good deeds to earn or receive grace. Instead Christians live moral lives, loving those around them as a response to grace. To counter the famous prayer, we “forgive our trespassers as God has forgiven our trespasses”. We love because he loved us first.

1) Trinity. I believe God, Jesus, and the Spirit are separate beings bonded through spirit as one entity. The have separate wills, and communicate as if they are not one singularity, but act in unity and mutual submission to achieve their united purpose.
2) Evolution. I’m a big fan. Organisms change through time. This does not mean God did not create them the organisms. Be true to the science please.
3) The bible is the absolute source of truth. It is full of truth. The Holy Spirit wrote the Scriptures using men as vessels to communicate the eternal words of God to mankind for the rest of eternity. The bible is also a book of history, poetry, prophesy and narrative, and is highly evil if not read with respect. This means that poetry must be read as poetry, prophesy as prophesy and narrative as narrative. Don’t look for literalism in poetry, please.
4) All humanity is equal. Obviously there are gender roles, and even separate roles within genders according to physical attributes as well as spiritual ones. There are also exceptions to the rule. Women can lead prayers on sunday mornings. They can even preach to a congregation full time. I believe that when men run it all then righteousness is only half obtainable. Let us not forget, women complete man, as man completes woman.
5) While the material word around us is real, it is not the absolute extent of reality. This means I believe in a transcendent spiritual reality. We exist on another plane that will be made known to us after this temporal life is over.
6) Satan is real.  He lurks and waits and watches to exploit humanity’s evil desires. He’s really good at what he does. And, in the end, he loses. (p.s. it’s the END times)
7) We are born as fallen people, but are not born evil. We are born incomplete, and longing for God. Satan manipulates this longing and incompletion and shows us what looks like it will fulfill. In the end it will destroy us. However, we take a bite of this forbidden fruit, even though we often times know the end result. We are born weak in spirit, not evil.
8) Jesus’ grace does not conform to my judgement. Jesus can save anyone he wants to, or condemn anyone he wants to. I’m not saying this happens arbitrarily. What I’m saying is he’s not going to let me make the decisions. People say they don’t like the idea of their neighbor going to hell… I don’t either. But it’s not supposed to make us happy, it’s supposed to be righteous. Also, people say that you will go to hell if you…. ____” Well, that’s not our call. Maybe God will call up people across denominations, even across religions. I don’t know God’s plan or ‘requirements’ for mercy. I know I didn’t do anything to deserve mercy. Why should I condemn anyone else? It’s Jesus who saved, not the soggy (water baptized) sinners.
9) The more I learn about God the less I know concretely about God. What I mean in that statement is that I have been given a lot of idea of who God is, what he is, what he likes, what he dislikes, his political views, and will for my life, and so on. The more I learn about him the more I realize that God isn’t a way I thought he was. It doesn’t mean he’s another way, he’s just not that one. He’s rather elusive, as if we cannot fully understand him.
10) I believe in “spirituals” (pneumatikos). The Holy Spirit is alive and active. This is a part of the Trinity, but I feel must be expanded. The Holy Spirit does not only dwell inwardly but also acts outward. There are today prophetic dreams, visions, and words from heaven; supernatural healings; speaking in tongues; New songs being sung like the songs in Revelation or the references David makes in the Psalms; supernatural miracles and all kinds of unexplainable phenomena.
11) This list will change frequently.

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