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Why Should I Renounce My Faith?

December 4, 2011 42 comments

I think this is a good question. Let me get into this a bit by explaining what I do and don’t do.

I am a Christian.
I do not kill people.
I believe in God.
I do not reject science.
I love human beings for the purpose of people deserving to be loved.
God also commands me to love people.
I don’t sacrifice animals… I don’t really kill animals at all.
I work hard when I work.
I believe in a hierarchy of ethical values. (murder is worse than lying).
Actions have consequences.
I believe in hell.
I do not have to define hell the same way you do, or preach it to everyone I meet.
I do not want to impose my beliefs on those who do not share them.
I do want people to have well thought out beliefs either way.
I do want every persons beliefs to be ethically and logically accountable.
My future marriage will be for life. (by the way, to disagree with this is stupidity. I mean, it’s clearly in the wedding vows. Both parts of the marriage agree to be with each other forever no matter the circumstance. It’s a matter of basic moral integrity, not religion. The only exception is if the vows are changed, kind of like in the Invention of lying. But then, it would not be marriage at all.)
I do not permit people to emotionally, physically, or in any other way, abuse people or animals or things. Define abuse for yourself.

So, why should I renounce my faith? What would I gain? I am a moral being. I do not live under a rock. I do not do things because God said to do them (though this would take some explaining to talk about in depth). My ethical code makes sense. The only problem an atheist could have with my ethical practice is the a priori, and often irrelevant, confession of Christ. All ethics mentioned are virtuous not only to religion, but to humans. So, I ask again, why should I renounce my faith?

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