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Faith Hope and Love- Supernaturalism & My Reason

March 31, 2011 29 comments

So I’ve had my experiences before. I’ve had dreams, and the Spirit has led me, for sure. Never will I doubt the times God has come into my perception of reality and altered it a little bit, giving me a second glance, and letting me peer into truth- what we call the supernatural. And never will I doubt the words that have come in the smallest of breezes on otherwise mundane mornings, or the stars that have shown me God’s glory and told me his wisdom on lonesome nights. I cannot deny the power of God in my life, because I’ve felt it all around me. It’s more than a feeling. It has moved me, sometimes physically brought me to my knees. To my face to lay prostate before God in a field praying forgiveness for the one’s who have hurt me most. I have seen God’s action, and have felt it. He is alive and well.
Tonight I visited a Pentecostal Congregation. I come from Church of Christ. The two denominations are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum of Christianity, and it was out of my comfort zone. Luckily for me I am not very comfortable in my comfort zone, so I felt fine. I saw people praise God like I haven’t seen since Camp of the Hills. I wished I could praise like they did with an honest and open heart. Instead I found good harmonies and followed a baseline closely. The whole ordeal was strange, and running somewhere in my mind was the thought that some of these people are full of it. I could understand better how atheists think Christians are delusional. But I held back my prejudices and tried to have an open heart before God.
Near then end is when it happened. God sent a lady over to me, someone I knew would come eventually and she told me God had forgiven me, that I did not need to keep asking forgiveness for the same thing. She didn’t know that I have given up on asking forgiveness, and pretty much accepted that I am guilty. In short, it’s what I needed to here. Then she assured me God was there and he was mighty to save me. That he heard my prayers, and had given me the victory. My mind was flooded with my best friend, who I was already thinking of, I’ll call her JM. I wanted her to be forgiven in my stead. For her to have victory and for me to suffer. I don’t care about me; I love her. I have faith in God to not give up on her, and I know he won’t. He assures me often, tonight being no exception. In short, I have witnessed people suffer without God for the reason of not being with him. I have seen people flourish without God, living worthless lives devoid of purpose out side of circular or dead logic. And I have seen God make and keep promises. If I were asked why I have faith in a magic man in the sky I could tell you a lot of things, but most of them would end up being meaningless. And these remain, faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. Without faith life seems endless, useless. Without hope there is no reason to go one, no driving force for existence. Without love there is no chance for survival, and no chance for meaning- no meaning for faith, no meaning for hope. That is why I believe in a magic man in the sky.

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Science: Wishful Thinking?

March 29, 2011 3 comments

We have all heard it: the idea of a beautiful equation that makes sense of the world around us. One method of thinking that leads to ultimate understanding when applied to any thing at it’s most basic level- perhaps this equation is that most basic level. The idea that the universe emerged, from nothingness, yet always has been, perhaps with a net value of zero, yes, we have heard quite a bit… of speculation.
Science starts with questioning, then a careful plan is made to put our questions to the test- we have so many questions. Data is collected concerning our test, and is then interpreted to make sense of what actually happened. And then, creative as our minds are, we ponder the implications, and speculate the possibilities, and hope for beautiful uniformity- we already believe it to exist, we are simply looking for it. [Many will argue the opposite, that science is an endeavor to find uniform but to find actuality, or even chaos. Those people will surely place the same ideas on their laws of logic or language, and philosophically it follows that the most basic form of existence could not be built on such shaky grounds to produce such stable building.] Does this single unifying, omni-understanding equation truly exist?
Some people talk about evolution as if it were this unifying idea. Others speak of Quantum Mechanics as if it were this unifying idea- once we understand the inconsistencies of the quantum realm, then we can start to break down all of existence into beautiful little sequences potentially to understand them in full.
I’d like to break the new to you, now, if you would grant me the opportunity. Hope in a God, who answers the longing for transcendence in this lifetime, and offers meaning to an otherwise chaotic, and quite useless existence, who fills the simple longings of romance, and brotherhood, and nurtures like a good mother while steadily leading and correcting like a good father, and feeds the hungers of our hearts, in an otherwise hopeless world, is not wishful thinking. It becomes a psychological need, admittedly by many nonbelievers [note, non-belief does not eliminate the need, it merely acknowledges while pride suppresses it]. Many naturalistic thinkers will be very upset when I call their speculations and assumptions just that. And these speculations and assumptions are indeed wishful thinking. If one does disagree I will ask for evidence, and many will offer the opinions of others, perhaps with some facts and calculation about something similar, but in the end popular science argues conclusion and not evidence. It does not appeal to truth but to a certain kind of disguised hope. No, evolution does not answer morality, or the origins of life, or creation for that matter. To apply evolution there is to do injustice to the science, and is wishful thinking. To say quantum mechanics proves disorder and eliminates the myth of God is to ignore all other realms of science, and to ignore the incredible potential for understanding which has yet to be contained in the realm of quantum mechanics. To appeal to past offenses of religious groups, or current trends in religious community is to ignore the actual teachings of the particular religions, and is also completely unrelated to the evidence on which science is founded. Heb. 12 says “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. Run with perseverance the race marked out for you by our Lord Jesus Christ.” I challenge the nonbeliever “Throw off everything that hinders, and the wishful thinking that so easily entangles. Run with perseverance the race marked out for you by __(Your_favorite_scientist)__.”