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Today I’m chea…

August 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Today I’m cheating on the media fast. I’ve embarked on an 18 week journey through the Well House of Prayer that is an 18 week discipleship training. There are a few commitments that must be kept, some daily, or nearly daily. First we meet every Saturday morning at 8am for some teaching. Also, we are fasting from media- internet (with exceptions) non-christian music, movies, video games, that kind of thing. We also are journaling. And one of my favorite things is exercising our faith. We do this by practicing the presence of God. What that means is to be aware of his presence, because he is here, and focus on our relationship to him. There are different ways we do this, we walk with him, speak with him constantly. Sometimes in faith God holds my hand. It’s in the simple gestures that communicate so much affection that I run into God.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to talk about ADI, arise discipleship intensive, but to talk about my summer. This is now the second summer I have not been at Thousand Oaks Youth Camp- if it even still goes by that name. I want to go back. Not for any camp session, those were fun, but just to be there and watch the sunrise like I have so many times before and thank God for the love he showed me there, and thank him for how far he’s carried me. I think the winter of 2008, at the top of a particular hill looking out toward the sunrise on a terribly overcast day is the first time God spoke to me. Not the first time he communicated, but the first time he was direct, and clear. Or perhaps I should say it’s the first time I was listening.

The summer of 2010 was amazing. I got the opportunity to go to Colorado and serve the homeless there. I realize now that I didn’t do much for the homeless. How could I? And wether they were housed or not seems irrelevant now. What I did in Colorado was meet friends- people made in the image of God, and I saw them as they were in God’s eyes, or at least tried to. In Colorado I learned to follow the Spirit. I’d heard about that growing up in church, but we never really talked about it. I thought following Jesus and being guided by the Spirit was all about living a pious life. It’s not. NOT AT ALL! But I learned about just sitting and listening to God, and then doing. Being reckless and unreserved and willing at a moments notice to follow the impulse of the Spirit.

The week after Colorado I went to Thousand Oaks. I was the First Aid Coordinator’s Assistant. So pretty much I counted out and handed out pills, and helped anyone who got hurt. It was awesome. But I didn’t really have a lot to do. What I did was important, you know, can’t screw up some kids medication, but it didn’t require a massive amount of time like being a counselor would. So I spent time doing activities with the campers, and working in the Kitchen and reading the word, and praying out by the lake. And in those moments of prayer I pleaded to be led by the Spirit. In short, I was and learned some things that if I was willing to run recklessly out in the night and make myself present that I would have never learned. At once God strengthened my faith while man murdered it. I was crushed that week, but God drew me near to him and turned me into an intercessor before I even knew what an intercessor is. He also gave me an affection for the lake, taught me to forgive, and to be in reverence to him.

I suppose I write this to say I won’t get over Thousand Oaks. I don’t want to move on, and think it would be foolish to have any desire to. But, I’m somewhere else now. and it’s sweet. I’ve spent the entire summer between Highland Village and Denton, with only a short trip to San Angelo for my brother’s wedding. I feel good. I’m not closer to God than I’ve ever been before. It seems like that something people say after they experience something like Church Camp or a mission trip. I’m not. But I’m completely invested in God. I’m present, and he’s present. Lord, make us one.