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The 99.

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I’ve learned that not all porn stars are abused and violated and destroyed by their time in the industry. There is a 1% at the top consisting of super stars. These stars have some control of what they do and who they do it with. However there seems to be a necessary 99% to support the elite 1. I’ve heard people refer to this 1% to justify the 99. It’s almost like saying a certain 3rd world country is devastatingly poor while some one responds in argument against such a claim pointing to a government official that exploits the people and is rich. “No, see this guy is from wherever and he’s got plenty cash!” WAKE UP!

Bill Margold said in a documentary, “What we give them in the adult entertainment industry for a brief shiny moment is immortality, validation and credibility.”
Prior to making that statement he refers to them as “overage juvenile delinquents in what I refer to as the play-den of the damned-which is the adult entertainment industry.”

Margold, unfortunately is referring not to the 99 percent, but to the 1. Porn is a scary place.

I want to analyze what the industry gives to the overage juvenile delinquents. for a brief moment, immortality.
immortality is forever. There is no brief immortality. brief immortality is merely a delayed death. He’s talking about some false sense of invincibility and control. That is not the case. It is not immortality that porn offers ‘them’. Instead they are offered reproach, at every level, from the scripted fiction to the treatment off camera to the lifestyle outside of work. Every level is a manipulation of the emotions of both men and women seen in porn that provides a surface level of, at best, acceptance. At worst: isolation; in truth: violation and destruction. I don’t want to be dark or scary, I only want to tell the truth.

For a brief moment, Validation & Credibility.
Again I must say, brief validation & credibility is only prolonged reproach.
Later in the same documentary Margold says, “No matter how sanctified they are they are still seen as whores, and it’s getting worse and worse.” Also, Nina Harley, who is in the porn star hall of fame and is still active in porn says, “Christianity says, “I love you, I forgive you, come home now and I will not push you out… I don’t shame you. I love you. You’re welcome here”- Sign me up!” While Harley herself has not “signed up” with Christianity for such validation, she makes a strong point. What then is truly validating: being seen as a whore or being loved? I also do not want the power of this argument to be dispelled in the mind of any anti-Christian reader, and so I wish to add that Harley’s comment of the validation Christianity offers highlights the absence of such validation from the adult entertainment industry. Christianity offers these things where porn not only fails to offer, but is fundamentally incapable.

Again I don’t want to seem dark, scary or violent. I purposefully do not post a lot of things about the porn industry so as to not be condemning. Often the more racy comments are quotes from people still active in the industry. However, I do want to be honest.

So now we come to the first step to ending the abuse of porn: offering alternatives. Most men and women in porn are there because there is a profound lack of meaningful alternatives concerning income. Most of them get out of the business because in porn there is a profound lack of any other edification or sustainacnce that the industry offers. While our culture might not be able, or willing, to just give money away to at risk men and women, we are able to make them feel valuable- with or without a dollar. That’s the first step. First we offer edification that porn cannot. Value porn ‘talent’ as human beings more than just a pretty face, large rack, and big penis. Value them as human beings. That is one thing I really have enjoied about activist groups and documentaries about porn. The activist groups have a real sense of caring for the people involved in porn, and the documentaries I have seen have depicted them as people. If pornstar wishes to give their money to charity I cannot say if it is morally right or wrong for the charity to accept. However, I can say that the pornstar will not feel like a valued or even accepted member of society. Why then would they leave porn where they are accepted? …just a thought.

Next we need specifically moral institutions to stop being assholes. I’ve heard it said that for every negative comment someone recieves it takes 7 positive comments for them to be emotionally unaffected by the negative one. I doubt that is an exact science, but the idea does warrant some a moment of reflection if not merit. For every asshole fanatic with a picket sign that says whatever demeaning thing about porn and the people involved there needs to be 7 fanatics edifying them as people.

While writing this I think there’s maybe some action that needs to take place before hand so that any of the aforementioned ideas are possible. People need to be seen as people. When I see my dad I don’t think ‘teacher!’ When I see my cousin I don’t think ‘minister’. When I see my best friend I don’t think ‘musician’. Maybe when we see a porn actor we shouldn’t think ‘porn’. Clarity: professions are essential to the goings on of people. Clarity: people can change professions and still be people. In the end our hearts need to change. For the Christians out there you need to see sin as defeated on the cross and men and women are no longer bound by sin. Induldge me, if you would in the following parable. There was once a family in prisoned for generations for a terrible crime. The offense was so ancient that no one remembered through the generations what it was, though there was no question that it was trecherous. There was boy born in this prison state who’s father was born in the prison and who’s father before him was born in the prison. The boy knew no other wolrd. All of life was sleeping uncomfortable on the floor- though he would not descibe it as such for he knew not of comfort. All day he worked hard in the prison doing many laborous tasks- but he did not know it was hard work for he never experienced ease or rest. The few hours he was not working or sleeping were spent in a small room barred and separated- but he did not know separation because he had never experienced tongetherness. His stomach longed for food, and groaned thoughout the day for just a bite- but he did not know he was hungary for he had never been full. Oppression was normality. One day the prison was no longer able to function and was closed. All the cells were opened and no guards were there to hold the prisoners any longer. The oppression was ended and all were free to leave. The boy confused and unable to fathom a life outside of the prison was found months after the prison had closed staying in his cell. He slept on the same uncomfortable stone floor, worked the same long hours, and ate the same small portions. When asked why he did not leave and enjoy his freedom he responded feebly, for he had only known the basic speech to communicate to the guards in compliance with their orders, “I sleep, I work, I eat. What is freedom?”
There is freedom. Everytime you see someone in sin what you see is a freed child of God that has not left the prison. Instead of screaming hatred at them perhaps we are to show them the open door, the meaning of it, and explain the love of God to them. Perhaps we are not meant to hate the isolated for being isolated, but rather show them togetherness. Maybe I’m just full of feel good words and idealism. I like to think there’s some truth in what has been written. Let me know your thoughts, I promise you, my mind is malleable.


The Disciples Became Apostles (pt II)

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Back in July I wrote a blog post titled The Disciples Became Apostles. Since then I have studied this verse with a few friends, and recently a friend told me a specific vision dealing with this verse. I there’s more to the story than my original post, and rightly so, as this blog is a journey of the heart and mind of God of which the end I have not arrived.
Let’s see the text again, this time in the ESV:

On the evening of that day, the first day of the week, the doors being locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews,Jesus came and stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.” 20 When he had said this, he showed them his hands and his side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord.21 Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”22 And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. 23 If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you withhold forgiveness from any, it is withheld.” John 20:19-23

Jesus is cool. I think he’s the only guy that could have disciples following him with high expectations, die on a cross leaving them scared poop-less and then come back and start saying weird stuff that seems to contradict what he’s been telling them for the last 3 years and somehow still have followers 2,000 years later. When I studied this out with Seth we came to a pretty cool conclusion. While writing this I’ll try to work a different angle on the same material. Please be patient if I’m redundant.
Jesus imparts the Holy Spirit to his disciples in verse 22. This is important to remember when reading verse 23. Often times we separate Jesus’ teachings and try to make sense of each one when really they work together to achieve a bigger truth than can be conveyed with one teaching. I’m thinking specifically of parables, but the same is true for everything else, including this verse. When Jesus says “recieve the Holy Spirit” and then says “if you…” The “you” he’s speaking to is one full of the Holy Spirit. This means that when full of the Holy Spirit (divine discernment) one has authority over reconciliation.
What should also be noted is that forgiveness is contional. A good question is what is the condition for forgiveness. I can try to answer, and probably will soon, but I will for the sake of this post say that if the Holy Spirit is working within a person, the divine discernment of the Spiritual will reveal the state of the soul of the person in question.
I would like to reference Young’s literal translation, again: “if of any ye may loose the sins, they are loosed to them; if of any ye may retain, they have been retained.” In my experience reading a tricky verse in a literal translation in sentence structure and words I am not well versed in helps me to understand the meaning of the scripture. Reading the Young’s translation for me, emphasizes the sin as being forgiven or not forgiven and not the person. My commentary would read like this: “If of any ye may loose the sins, the sins are loosed to them; if of any ye may retain the sins, the sins are retained.” I’m not quite sure how this is significant but I feel that it is. Perhaps it separates the sins from the person, that they sins are not the person- though they have been retained. It makes the person redeemable, even though the sins are irredeemable.

In conclusion, as much as from The Disciples Became Apostles pt 1 I realized that being ‘sent’ by Jesus meant carrying the weight of His message, and the responsibility of being a good steward of the gospel thereby making forgiveness from Jesus alone and only extended to the world though the apostles, I have now realized that being ‘sent’ with the Holy Spirit places all the more responsibility on the apostle to be a good stewared of the gospel, and the responsibility of forgiving resting the divine Spirit of God. I think I just wrote a runon that rivals Paul.
Thanks for reading, share your thoughts.

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