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Snoop Lion?

November 29, 2012 Leave a comment

So I was excited when I heard about Snoop Doggy Dogg doing Regee. I am a big fan of Regee music and love to see the way other music styles are influenced by Reggae. Snoop of course has been influenced by Regae from the beginning, but now I it was promised an unwitheld transformation of Snoop’s style into the Regae genre. There are other things I was not excited about. One of them was Snoop’s claim of reincarnation (using Bob Marley as a marketing technique). But I did not know how genuine this transformation was, and is, so I’ve done some digging.

First off, Snoop Dogg has not changed. During an pressconference¬†with Tiff about the new documentary “Reincarnated” many times Snoop denies that he has changed. No where in my search have I see any kind of transformation. He is unappologetic about his morally/spiritually questionable lifestyle. “Gangbanging”, producing porn, general shitty attitudes and the like are unaccounted for in his transformation. He actually afirmed many times “I am still the Dogg” and “I will continue playing my older hits” and talked about turning on and off this new Snoop Lion. In conclusion the reincarnation of Bob Marley in Snoop and his transformatin into Snoop Lion is a marketing technique and a good one, but ultimately a lie. It’s a lot of cute word play to say he’s now making Regae music, and that is all. There is no new person or new anything.

So why am I posting this? I believe in the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Jah is the Rafatari name for God encompasing the Trinity. The name accepts the God of Christianity, also adds to it, and apparently changes that God to something other than the God of Christianity. The God of Christianity truly changes and transforms people. When Snoop Lion was asked something to the affect of how this change of music affected him, he basically said this change was given to him that he was not making a change by his own will. He also says that transitioning to Reggae is doing what he wants. He cites his “want” as motivation for everything he’s doing recently. It seems from these statements that the only thing fueling his change is hiw own will. I have to question this. This is not the work of the Spirit. The Spirit does work when we are in agreement with him, but we would be different. Our wants become different when met with the transforming power of God. Snoop calls his change something given to him and also a descision. When the Spirit works it changes us, and those changed decide to follow that change. Snoop had it the other way around, so it seems. That he decided to make this change and then he was given it. Moreover when we are faced with the transformative work of the Spirit we do not continue to live the life we used to. We die to the self and live a new life in the Spirit no long doing the things of the flesh (our former lives).

I want to know what you think about these things. What do you think about Snoop Lion’s move into Regae music? The Reincarnation of Bob Marley? What do you think of Snoop Dogg’s past? Should he¬†apoplogize for the former sins in light of his reincarnation/transformation? Do you think that being Snoop Lion means an end of Snoop Dogg? And what do you think of the transformative work of the Holy Spirit?