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Prayer Time

My Interests are shifting. I feel like I’m a sailboat adrift on an ocean of knowledge and wisdom and the wind of my interests are blowing me all over the water with no control over where I’m going. It’s quite the experience.

I started this blog back in November of 2010. It’s been over a year now, almost two, and I’ve kind of moved away from my original interest in this blog. If you’ve read a few of my posts you know I really like apologetics. But lately I’ve moved into anti human trafficking and porn-awareness (not support). It’s been a blessing to be involved with the people I’ve known over the last two years who I’ve shared these interests with, and have either studied diligently or prayed fervently with. But now, my interests have shifted once more. I’ve been called, very much not by choice, to be an intercessor. I was to blog about prayer, and my journey with it, and the ways the Holy Spirit has captivated me. But first, let’s talk about how I was called to intercede.

A few months ago I was waist deep in intercession, even though I didn’t really know it. I was in a group that met weekly to pray against human trafficking. We prayed some pretty powerful things, and left a lot open and exposed before God, I did at least. I remember the powerful prayers of Brandon that eyes would be open to the truth, and chains would fall off the wirsts of the girls in the brothels. I remember the steady prayers of devotion from Andres, the intellectual consumption of Chris K., the burning for God’s Kingdom in Chris B. and the compassionate and nurturing spirit of Meagan, and all of us held together by the faithfulness of Kate. There were definately others that played huge roles in our prayer during that time as well.
Sometime during all of this my brother, and bandmate, wanted to start doing a worship service at the campus center. So we did. On Monday nights we started playing worship, in a COC group, haha, and devoted our time to prayer, and that is all. No sermon or game, or anything to keep people entertained or to grow or anything. It was a time to be before the Lord.
Around this time I was also attending a C3 prayer group where every Sunday night the Power fo the Spirit filled a room and amazing things happened in the hearts and minds of those who opened themselves to God. It was my first example of doing life in the Spirit. Of course I was well familiar with the Holy Spirit doctrine, and more the most COC kids I was interested and seeking the power of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes finding it. I’d had other exposure, but I never really got into it. It always seemed fake, or some it was just some wierd emtion brought on by mood music. But this communion groups is an entire community of believers who where living in the Spirit. I want that.
So that’s all cool and dandy… but there was more going on around that time. In those days I was really getting involved in Seeds of Change, a nonprofit that feeds and spends time in friendship with those going through a season of homlessness in Denton. It was a great blessing to have the ability to be there every Sunday afternoon and cook and serve. During this time of being with C3 group, my church, and Seeds of Change, a nonprofit, and old fire of mine for inter-denominationl unity. When I was there I met Maureen. She is an awesome woman of God who told me about the House of Prayer in Denton. So after a few weeks of  us talking about it we went. The day we went was an ordination for the Assistand Directors. We were expecting praise music and some prayer time, instead people were just saying super nice things to two people I’d never met before. So naturally we stayed and heard what there was to say about these two people. After the ordination there was a snacks and some great fellowship time. I realized that I had met the two Assistant Directors, Daniel and Laura on the square once when I was raising awareness to fight human trafficking. After talking with a few people I decided I had to come by and see the house of prayer in action. So I did. I went one day and was blown away. I loved it. So the next week I brough my bassist and drummer in my band, who are two of my best friends, and we experienced God’s singing. In the seats I remember one of the singer doing improv about being made like a child before the Lord. It struck my core. I was in the middle of praying forgiveness over my childhood and just mourning with God. He spoke to me through her that day. After that I was hooked. I had to be a part of this House of Prayer. So I started training with Daniel and Laura. I didn’t really know what the House of Prayer was, I didn’t really know how to lead worship, and I didn’t really know why I was doing it anyway. It’s very against my character to do something so rash, but I couldn’t stay away. I can’t stay away.
But that’s not the whole of the story, yet.
Remember I was starting to do worship on Monday night that was all centered around prayer? Well, I was training to do a monday night set. Not only that but the topics for intercession on those sets are justice topics like abortion and human trafficking. We also prayed for the Church- the united nondenominational church. I can see now looking back on it how God put the slightest desire in my heart to do something like go to a communion group, or cook and clean for a few hours to lead me to a place where I can steadily intercede for Denton, for the Vulnerable, for the Church, but most importantly to be near my Daddy. It’s odd when the peices finally connect, and I wonder what he as in store for me next.
I do want to blog about my journey through prayer as I learn how to talk and to listen to God- this will be life long learning. I don’t care if you read my blog or not, but I do hope whatever time you do spend here will ignite a fire for something so that God can have his way with your life.

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