Does anyone else feel like the quality of life in the U.S. raises the bar so high that it seems as if the qualities that make up a “life” are merely accessories/luxuries? It seems as if the impoverished in the states are living luxuriously when seen from a global perspective. Or, am I mistaken about global perspectives, and completely wrong? Also, I understand that low social economic status also means provision from the government, which could explain how the impoverished live in “perspective luxury”. However, if the role of capitalism, and the ‘American Dream’ did not force everyone to cities, and leave the uneducated, less intelligent, and less privileged to the lowest paying, and physically most difficult jobs, then perhaps they could learn life-sustaining skills, like farming! or basic engineering , carpentry… etc.
It’s my theory that the cultural ideals of capitalism, that dream of being well endowed with stuff, has left a population of people with no real life sustaining skills, and the sad reality is that the bottom of the barrel can’t pay for others to provide those services for them. This leads to the government paying for the livelihood of the impoverished (that’s the opposite of capitalism). Perhaps capitalistic systems aren’t to blame so much as the greed of humanity, or perhaps the fact that there is an inevitable divide of wealth between the upper and lower classes in every civilization I know of ever should be taken to account. Maybe that means it’s merely the way of people. Or maybe it’s sheer laziness, speaking in generalities of course, at the opportunity to live a life style undeserved.
Basically I want to know what your thoughts are. Can we live on less, but more important things? What is the cause of the economic divide? Is that a problem (There should be an answer for both the divide and the cause). And is anyone else like me, who is too lazy to go farm and learn to build my own house. I’d rather go into debt going to school and spend the rest of my life paying it off and leaving my children with a house half paid for. Peace!

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