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Porn’s effect on Families

This is a quote from a comment left on an article 7 Surprising and Negative Effects of Porn. I thought Miss RiverSongAngie shared some good points and her perspective is a strong testimony on the effects of pornography to a family.

This is such a heart breaking issue….nobody wins. My marriage came to an end as result of the effects of Porn and Sex addiction. When I first met my husband, he confessed to me that he had experimented with pornography -but it was in the past. He didn’t not tell me the depth of it and I loved him and thought….as long as the past was the past..no problems, right? I was so ignorant about the subject. I actually thought I was going to be his dream girl and the one he turned to for his satisfaction. I soon learned, this was not the case and my codependent illusions came crashing down. Pornography was his escape from stresses of life, it was the way he dealt with life. Like others turn to alcohol or drugs or food- pornography was his medicine. I began to learn more about this subject than I ever wanted. Pornography and sex addiction are more than drugs…They are mind traps which release physical responses and endorphins and open spiritual doors to demonic attack. There are programs…some very good…Still more focus needs to be placed on the cause and not just the symptom returning to the issue of our spiritual Identity in Christ. I also believe a spiritual rewiring needs to take place through one on one counseling dealing with deliverance and inner healing. I walked through the fires with this man….prayer, fasting, counseling, loving him, begging him. He wasn’t able to lay it down… and I wasn’t able to love him through it when he became violent toward me. By the end of us, the wound was deep and bleeding into all areas. Pornography had created an atmosphere of deceit. Trust became non existent. Hurt on my side…Resentment on his side for questioning him and then anger toward everyone for confronting him…Respect began to diminish… Deceit turned to more shame…more shame lead to more pornography…more covering up… You see the picture….it’s not pretty. Through my own counseling and inner healing, I realized his addiction wasn’t about me…it wasn’t about how pretty I was or how much he loved me. It was about a prison he was living and dying in… I still pray for him. My prayer is that he will someday intimately know the fullness that comes from knowing Jesus.

  1. January 31, 2012 at 11:26 PM

    What do mean by ‘porn’ and how do you propose we handle it?

    • February 4, 2012 at 3:34 AM

      Tildeb, porn is a person or people doing explicit sexual things on camera for profit, or with some sort of promise or implied profit, usually monetary, but this profit can take other forms.

      how do we handle it! Great question, I’ll run some thoughts by you, if you’re committed to a long discussion about the politics and morality of pornography that will hopefully develop into material worthy of a scholarly lecture and series of articles.

  2. February 2, 2012 at 3:39 PM

    Having experienced what I consider to be a moderate form of porn addiction, Miss RiverSongAngie words seem like they could be written by my ex-wife divorced me largely over my addiction. The thing is, I kept it hidden from her for years as I knew how to erase my Internet browsing history after I was done looking at porn. However, like any addiction eventually your “sins will find you out” and I was found out she came home early from work one day and saw me in front of the computer gratifying myself to porn. I thought she would believe me, however, when I told her it was a one-time thing but she use an online service called “Find His Porn” and it scanned my computer’s hard drive and printed out a list of all the pornographic sites I had visited of which there were well over 100. Still, if I wasn’t humiliated in that matter I would still probably be addicted to porn to this day but thankfully, I found the sex addiction group and they help me get to the point where it’s beenover a year now since I’ve looked at porn on the computer. Knock on wood.

  3. February 13, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    Thanks for sharing. I’m interested in getting the word out on who are the real victims of Porn. If you get the chance take a moment to read some of the facts in that post.

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