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Argument v. Truth

So I mentioned that in our present day we are confusing argument with truth. Debates are perfect examples of this. In school debate is taught as a process of providing evidence, and cited examples, then deriving conclusions that support the given side of the issue. The better debater wins. This is all fine, until you learn that going into a debate the debaters don’t choose which side to support. They are given a topic, and then a viewpoint to support. And it does not matter how true their arguments are as long as they are better than the opponents arguments, they win, and have the final word on the matter- within their debate. THIS CANNOT BE CONFUSED WITH TRUTH. Winning an argument and being right are very different things.

If I were to say murder is just and then prove that over an incompetent fellow who is too dumb to prove that murder by definition is not just it would not make murder just! It’s still wrong people! This is important to know on many accounts. Many times people use the bible, or smart people’s quotes, or whatever they want to make a point, and within their shell of information they sound very right and are convincing. But, if you remove the appeal to the man and authority and the well constructed sentences and look merely at the ideas opposed to other ideas the truth is easier to see.

I once had a friend explain to me how spiritual gifts like the laying on of hands, prophesy and speaking in tongues was all over now because of the completion of the bible. When all you hear is just those words, it’s clearly not acceptable as truth. But, when 5 or 6 scriptures are thrown in there, and the dots are connected just right, and other people who have held similar viewpoints are quoted, it seems like a pretty solid idea. There is a well crafted argument to back that claim. Let me inform you, incase you have held this belief, that argument does not mean absolute truth. There is a possibility that this is not so. I even have a more convincing argument that says otherwise if you want to hear pieces of it, I’d be glad to share. I’ll simply put it that God can do what he wants when He wants with or without a canonical bible. That’s convincing enough if you ask me. Assuming Christianity which seems more true? God can do what He wants (assuming his wants lie within his strict moral code), or the bible means the end of spiritual gifts? By the way, love is included in that list of spiritual gifts. In fact, the scripture in 1 Corinthians 2 where the core of this argument lies is followed by 1 Corinthians 13. Love wins.

Let truth be truth, let argument be argument. Let us not confuse the two and bring some salt to the discussion.

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