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The Economy of People

So, I’ve been working with some friends to fight human trafficking. I am completely new to the ministry they’ve got going, but I’m really excited to get deep into spiritual warfare for the oppressed, and brokenhearted. The sad thing is, it’s not just about loving the hurting people. There’s an economy, a huge financial system, built into the human trafficking network. The more I hear about it, the more connected each level of the pyramid becomes.
People are not products, but the have been abused and treated as such. Slavery is alive, and to our (that’s everyone’s) detriment it is thriving. People are being bought and sold, and stolen, and used until they break. There are few signs of slowing down. Outside of prayer and huge dreams I don’t see much hope. However, there is a way to defeat this. Cut out the demand. If no one will pay to spend the night with these oppressed people, then eventually the supply will dwindle. Why provide a service that everyone refuses? It’s a simple rule of economy, supply and demand.
I was asked a brilliant question when talking with a gentleman on the street about human trafficking. We had run out of flyers for our fund raiser, so we handed him a different flyer that had some religious stuff on it. He asked something along the lines of “What does God have to do with human trafficking? Shouldn’t atheists be just as much against it as everyone else?” I smiled warmly hearing some beautiful words from this man, and simply assured him agreed entirely.
I believe in God. In many ways I know God. We talk. And because of that, I will talk to him, and plead with him, for the oppressed. I will beg for salvation, and restored innocents. If you don’t share that same faith, then I beg of you that you turn your eyes and look full on to the hurting people in the world, and do not ignore them. Realize that you can help make a difference. And I honestly want some good feedback: how can we attack this demand and this economy of people? Rescuing one oppressed girl just to be replaced by another to meet demand is not good enough. We need to destroy this. Demolish it. And, it will take bonds across denominations, and ideologies. The Theist will have to join hands with the atheist, and the humans of this world will have to unite in common cause. I have hope that this can and will happen. Help me. Help humanity.

  1. May 18, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    YES! YES! YES!!

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