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Jesus Loves Prostitutes

Today I attended a meeting for Rehab’s Rope Denton Chapter. I knew it was some sort of group dedicated to ending human trafficking focused locally. I really didn’t know what I was going to. I had heard about prostitution based ministries and known some people who worked in them, but I was never really too close to the situation or the ministry at all.
So, I walked into the meeting as a guest, and decided to just see what it was all about and maybe get involved here and there, after all, it’s for a good cause. Before the meeting began we had a prayer (it’s jesus centered, but open to all, so come on Buddhist, atheist, whateverist). As the prayers got intense I started to feel the spirit tickling at my heart. The words that came from every mouth seemed to carry so much truth, so much righteousness, but not dumbfounded or dull, or wordy but empty, like I so often feel at church. It was real. The words stuck, and actually changed things, starting with me. I was no longer a visitor I was a part of the group, united by prayer. And my tongue was loosened as I found a prayer, among many, that I couldn’t keep from the group that I was now becoming a part of.
When the prayer ended it became clear that about half the group was visiting-members, like me. We talked about what was already happening, what the group was going to do, and what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go.
I’d love to go into detail about the ideas and ministry opportunities involved, but this not a recruiting idea, it’s a short story of my life, but I’ll leave some links at the bottom.
First timers were being volunteered to take on central tasks for the group, and ideas were thrown out and taken seriously. So many ideas. And by the end of it, I had friends. All of a sudden I was apart of a social group fighting for the physical needs of the people in the world, and ready to fight for the spiritual and emotional needs of those people as well. We laughed, we were serious, we were ready to take action. We are real. It’s so crazy saying ‘We’ after mere hours of being involved. In short, this was an answer to many prayers. Now, I hope that I will answer the silent prayers of the oppressed, and even possibly a hand of mercy to the oppressors.
It’s hard to see Jesus from the pew sometimes. In the gutter, with the prostitutes and sinners- the places where Jesus went- that’s where you see the savior. The great physician went to the sick, there I will go also.
If you haven’t seen or felt Jesus, and are skeptical of God’s existence… go to the front lines.

Rehab’s Rope Denton Chapter:

Fundraiser (If you’re in the area)

Parent Organization


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