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A Forum of Community

I was just thinking about the friendships that I’ve made in online communities. Obviously there have been a few bloggers here that I did not know before, whom I have talked at length with, and would call them friends because of it. Two most notably are Tildeb and Society, who are very active in this blog and many others. Some other people have come and gone. There was a facebook group I was involved in, that was also apologetic (mostly atheist driven) in nature as well. I felt like I grew into friendships with a few people on there too. I am glad to have had the opportunity to become friends with these people, even through adversity.
But, then I think of other people I’ve shared friendship with in online communities. Just strangers, or friends of friends, or even old acquaintances I didn’t talk to in Highschool that I have now had good conversations with online. Those friendships were more personal. Questions about our personal lives were asked and answered. Age, schooling, siblings, favorite things to do in whatever situation, “would you rather?”. Those were friendships with people because they were people. I was wondering, if in this online community that is thriving here on the blogosphere, if we could be brought together by our various interests in religious ‘whatevers’ but care about each other for the sake of caring about people. People need to be loved, in their own right, because they’re people. I have lost sight of that many times here for the sake of objective truth seeking, or biased preaching. I am sorry for those times I was arguing ideas without a person behind them. Is it possible, through this blogosphere searching community we could be intimate friends. The kind of people we will turn to when something bad happens. The kind of people we will be excited to tell about our good news, or hopes or whatever. That would be nice. And…. YOU ROCK!

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  1. May 13, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    Thanks! I love discussions like this and I think you provide quite a fun forum to discuss some religious ideas – its rather tough to find these kind of things in real life.

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