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Love Wins

First off, I kind of like Rob Bell. I’m also excited about this book, and once I read it I’m sure it will inspire more thoughts.

Now to analyze.
The interviewer seems to assume that “melting hearts” means eternal salvation. I mean “melting hearts” must mean something, but I wouldn’t assume that Bell is saying that everyone will go to heaven. In fact, just by listening to his comments one would find that he admits the eternal fate of everyone to be speculation.
He says clearly that the actions of people here on earth are relevant. He does not say what they determine, or if they are the only factor. He admits that is speculation. I like Rob Bell’s words because he took God out of a box. The idea is “we don’t concretely know the unknowable”. From the first question asked to Bell you could see that the interviewer was trying to put God in a box. He is either this or that. Bell says it’s a paradox and we can leave as that, just fine. Bell doesn’t seem to concern himself with God’s stand on politically correct use of his omnipotence (which Bell never actually admitted to, though I do believe he would if asked plainly in a non-hostile setting). Instead Bell is focused God’s emotion for the individual. I believe that sums up the point of Love Wins. It’s an individual thing. There is no peg-hole leading into heaven that you have to fit into to. It’s not a check list. There is, perhaps, even an element of “I personally don’t know” to our theological pondering. I have a belief, and I will teach according to it, but if someone disagrees I do not assume that they go to Hell. In fact, I’ve narrowed down what I actually believe without exception to a short list.
1. Jesus is the son of God who lived a holy life on Earth.
2.He died on the cross as a love sacrifice for humanity, and me in particular.
3. Jesus rose from the dead, and for that people will be transformed by God’s love and love others. (not like alien robots, just like people living holy lives and what not.)

Do I have certain beliefs about nit-picky stuff like, should someone be baptized, and is cussing okay? Sure, I do. And, if someone disagrees I will try to persuade them, even learn from them. Perhaps my viewpoint is not entirely correct. But, I will not deny that person salvation.
Why? Because, Love Wins.

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