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Assimilating God

This is not a new idea. Did you know they once had pope on a rope? WTF? I used to work at a Christian store, and I saw people spend hundreds on little nothings to decorate their homes with their ‘faith’. For a while it pissed me off, but then I realized, hey, at least a fraction of the profits go to support charity. But I wonder sometimes, is our assimilation of Christianity into our world really doing justice to Jesus’ words? I mean, if we buy a $40 printed picture of Jesus giving money to a poor person and hang it in our living room, is that really honoring the spirit of Christ? I just wonder sometimes, maybe we’re doing it all wrong. Maybe we shouldn’t try to make God fit in to our 7 automobile families, with a fridge stuffed with leftovers, still continuing to cook in excess, with 3 guitars, and $400 worth of movies sitting under my bed (I can only watch 1 at a time). When I read the bible I wonder sometimes why it doesn’t seem to apply to me. Instead of forcing it to fit my life, maybe my life should twist a little to look more like the peg hole I’m putting it into. Most of the New Testament doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s all about staying strong through persecution, and challenges to show this pagan world a just example of Christ. Or maybe, minus the persecution, it’s talking directly to me.

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