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Treating the Symptoms

Colds are mean nasty little bugs. They come over you, and all you can do is take some nasty “cherry” flavored stuff and hope your cough stops so you can get some rest. The interesting thing about a cold is the medicine doesn’t actually help you get better, it just treats the symptoms.

I use this analogy a lot for the way I go about my life trying to become a better person. Instead of attacking the root of my problems, I go about attacking the symptoms. Instead of working to become loving, I avoid the people I hate- and let the wound fester.
Lately I’ve noticed that people, like myself, attack big thinking questions the same way. When asked the question of ‘why is there suffering?’ I was quick to jump into books and the bible, and jot down my thoughts and apply them to situations, and get other perspectives, and I hardly took the time to really understand the question, and ended up treating symptoms and getting nowhere in the end. See, from the question inevitably becomes the object of the question, and it is no longer a problem of why is there suffering, but ‘why do I suffer?’ and ultimately ‘can the answer remedy my pain?’ When it becomes personal it is not at all the same thing. And see, if I answer why suffering exists, you may get the answer to the question you asked, but most likely will be less fulfilled. Treating the symptoms while the wound festers, and never gets better at all. But I suppose I’d like to stop the discharges even if my body was inevitable ill.

What do you think about treating symptoms instead of problems?

In what ways do you treat symptoms?

What are your problems?

Does treating symptoms help? Why? Why not?

How does this apply to your ideology? To your apologia?

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