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The Intelligible Code of Matter & DNA

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I heard Ravi Zacharias say “Behind intelligence, intelligence is assumed.” He then went on to make the analogy that goes something like this: If I had a dictionary and told you that it appeared out of an explosion in the sky you would not believe me. You would think that’s ridiculous. Because a dictionary is intelligible, you assume intelligence, in this case, an author. Now imagine a universe that is made up of a code, like an alphabet. The basic pieces are put together in different arrangements to create different molecules and compounds that are then put into different arrangements that make more and more complex combinations and compilations of matter. All matter is essentially compounded of the same basic pieces that are arranged differently to work like a code to contain different meanings according to arrangement. Grass, rocks, humans, fish, and Neptune are all essentially made up of the same matter in different amounts and arrangements.
Consider biology. These combinations of matter create proteins that connect and work together to create DNA- and intelligible code as well. Through different arrangements of DNA all biological matter is composed. A tree, a fish, humans, and fungus are all essentially determined by the same particles in a different arrangement. It is a code, that works like an alphabet. All english books are made up of english words that all find their root in the english alphabet. And through the code we get intelligibility. It is a brilliant and sophisticated system at all level. DNA contains more information than any of our books, and is a more complex code, wouldn’t you assume an intelligence equally complex?
Also, from a book what can you tell about the author- excepting an autobiography? You can assume there is an author, but the knowledge of what he is like, what he is composed of and things of that matter is easily theorized, but hardly known. Just something to keep in mind.

  1. November 26, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    Yes, it is indeed very tempting to assume that complex things that are organized require an organizer. We now know that this organizer is called evolution. We have a cause, we have effect, and we have the mechanism by which this occurs. We have very strong evidence and mutually overlapping domains to back all this up. We have successfully predicted where new finds can be made and what that new find should look like. We have so much evidence that evolution has gone from being an hypothesis to the highest rank in science: a theory. More than a 150 years later, all counter evidence has been accounted for. This means that for the rest of us, we can take evolution to be a fact. Adding god to it is nothing but an unnecessary complication and an unwieldy addition that adds exactly zero to our understanding.

    • November 26, 2010 at 4:04 PM

      True, evolution is a pretty solid theory. I agree with its basic premise completely due to the overwhelming evidence that supports the theory. However, I disagree that it does not need God. Other than the fact that evolution does not account for intelligence, since evolution is an idea to express the nature of growing complexity in organisms. It cannot be the intelligent author of the code that determines the nature of life. Adding God completes the theory in 3 ways.
      1. Life can begin with God. Without God the origins of life is unaccounted for through evolution.
      2. Life has purpose with God. Life grows more complex over time. In evolution there is no reason for this other than to better interact with the environment. But how does evolution make random changes to a DNA sequence to change an organism and make it more complex so that it better interacts with its environment? God is a reasonable answer for this: He gives purpose to life- there is a reason it grows more complex, and it is not random changes to protein chains.
      3. Life can have transcendence & advanced intelligence with God. What is the DNA differences between humans and everything else that allows us to be so much more intelligent to create alphabets, advanced tools, chemistry, spaceships, art, government and the like? Why hasn’t evolution made more advanced organisms like humans- it’s obviously a pretty good way of responding to your environment. God gives us life that transcends the body. Our mind, that has been speculated by the secular to exist beyond our physical body, and our spirit and soul that has been speculated in the same fashion. In the Christian worldview, we have an understanding of these things and in terms of evolutionary science, God can serve as an explanation to add to the theory in both terms of advanced intelligence and transcendence.
      You made the claim that God does not add anything to evolution except unnecessary complications. I have given you three ways it completes the theory scientifically and philosophically.

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