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Strong Atheism: Necessity of Naturalism

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is not a well formed argument. Maybe in a forum where the author of the article here could respond it could make more sense. As it is, there are a few huge flaws in the argument given:

1. Supernaturalism is only meaningful in that it is a negation of material causes.

2. Negation of material causes would only be possible if one had no limit of knowledge.

3. A transcendent knowledge base is necessary because we have limits of knowledge.

4. Supernaturalism is impossible. (from 1, 2 and 3)

5. Naturalism is an absolute. (from 4)

Where to begin. Well, this argument basically says that since humans have finite thinking and admittedly do not know everything that nothing other than we can observe can happen. The thought in itself is a contradiction. Let me explain how I derived that statement. I disagree with 1. The statement should read supernaturalism is only proven without any form doubt through the negation of all material causes. From the Christian perspective it should read Absolute Naturalism is only proven without any form of doubt though the negation of all supernatural causes. Both are equally unsatisfiable, and thus we cannot know one or the other absolutely. Also, even if I did agree with 1, 2 and 3, the statement in 4 would not be a reasonable conclusion. It should read: We do not know (from 1, 2, and 3).

So then, one might ask, why if you do not know either way, would you believe in a crazy supernaturalist explanation? Consider this: an account is given from a credible source, as far as we can tell, that a man walked the dusty streets of Palestine and said through a crowd to a paralyzed man “Get up, take your mat, and walk.” And the paralytic got up and did so. Then one might ridicule such a source and cite numerous contradictions and conspiracies. But the truth is, the bible stood the test of scrutiny from eye witnesses, from archeology, extra-biblical history, manuscript evidence, and so on. The naturalist must either shove off the argument ignoring the evidence (which is contrary to his nature), or believe that as Jesus told him to get up and walk, then by coincidence the nerves in his body shot through with electric signals, and his legs were strengthened totally unprovoked by anything but the biology within the man, or some secret acupuncture treatment no one noticed. Honestly, which sound more crazy, the naturalist explanation, or the supernaturalist.

Also, I prepose a serious shift in viewpoint inspired by C.S. Lewis. If you haven’t figured it out, he’s one of my favorites. I prepose that is is not the world around us that we call natural, and the wold unknown to us that seems to intervene every now an then is not the supernatural. Instead what we call natural is in fact the subnatural, and the supernatural becomes the natural. This world is described as a shadow, an obscure outline giving shape and basic characteristics of the real. I often have the mindset that the supernatural, as it is called, is more two dimensional. C.S. Lewis would argue that as we pass from the natural to the supernatural we become more real, and the world around us becomes more clearly defined instead of become faint and airy. It is not that the supernatural intervenes so much as it is reflected and what we call a transcendent experience is less transcendent and more an experience of what really is. I believe it was Plato, among others who said that the world is not true reality, but just a thin sheet upon which reality is reflected. At first I thought he was dumb. I now think he was right in a lot of ways. But that’s just something to think about independent from the arguments.

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